New Automobili Pininfarina FP0 specs and sketches revealed

Pictures and specs have emerged for Pininfarina"s high-end electric supercar, codenamed PF0, which is due on sale in 2020.

The famous Italian coachbuilder and design house, which is now owned by Indian firm Mahindra & Mahindra, announced last week that it would start producing its own vehicles as Automobili Pininfarina, a new division created to stand alongside the existing consultancy business.

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Now Pininfarina has issued sketches showing the rakish design of the PF0, and issued the first technical information. The firm claims that the pure-electric PF0 will be capable of 0-62mph in less than two seconds, and crack 0-186mph in less than 12 seconds. The top speed will be 250mph, Pininfarina says, and the PF0 will be capable of up to 310 miles between charges.

The vehicle’s design will be carried out under the direction of Automobili Pininfarina’s newly appointed design director Luca Borgogno, who has moved across from the consultancy division. The sketches released by the firm are said to be Borgogno’s early vision for the car – and they’ve been shown to prospective clients at exclusive preview events.

Mahindra was one of the original teams for the all-electric single seater series, Formula E, entering in the inaugural 2014-15 season and has said that the lessons learned from its participation will be applied to the cars it makes. The team is currently third in the Constructors’ Championship this season, having racked up two race victories. 

The company has named former Volkswagen Group executive Michael Perschke as its first chief executive officer, who said: “I am honoured to lead Automobili Pininfarina and our ambition is to make it a respected and desirable brand recognised by connoisseurs who value design heritage, substance, and sustiainable high performance EV technology”.

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