First Bloodhound SSC speed record attempt confirmed for 2019

Steve Cropley Autocar
16 May 2018
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The Bloodhound SSC - the British 1000mph Eurofighter-jet-powered land speed record challenger - looks set to make its first record attempt at the end of 2019 despite major setbacks to funding.

Thanks to a shift in plans, the Bloodhound team, which recently lost composites suppliers that have fallen into receivership, is scheduled to make its first high-speed runs on South Africa"s Northern Cape desert in May 2019, before making a record attempt in the final quarter of that year.

The car won"t be shipped back to the UK between its test and final runs, as originally planned, in order to reduce costs. The money saved from this decision is said to have kept the project on track.

When the Bloodhound makes its first desert run, it will reach 500mph, which is seen as one of the riskiest speeds for the car. Between 400mph and 500mph, the car"s progress is no longer dictated by its contact with the ground but its aerodynamics, making the car at its least stable.

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