Toyota Prius Plug-in long-term review

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Toyota Prius
Fourth-generation Toyota Prius

The reborn Toyota Prius may be the world’s most popular hybrid, but it faces stiffening competition from Hyundai, Volkswagen and Audi

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    Does running a plug-in hybrid really make sense as a 500-mile-a-week driver? Six months with a Toyota Prius Plug-in gave us a conclusive answer
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    Second-generation Toyota Prius Plug-in hybrid gets a bigger battery with new 39-mile electric range, more tech and styling updates, but it's expensive
Steve Cropley Autocar
29 June 2018
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Why we ran it: To gather real-world, big-miles knowledge of a variety of car, the plug-in hybrid, we’ll be seeing much more in the clean-air future

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Saying goodbye to the Prius plug-in

It’ll be dull, people said. Lots of them did. Not my colleagues at Autocar, who know the Toyota Prius as the most reliable and economical of Toyotas, but friends in the wider world who heard we were planning to do 10,000 miles in the plug-in version of Toyota’s best-known hybrid.

These people had clearly done too many miles in old-shape Toyota hybrids, ground down by night-and-day minicab use. Certainly to some people a Toyota Prius only means one thing.